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I started this blog about a year ago and I have kind of given up on it because I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. Initially, I wanted to try selling some Niche T Shirts like in the 4-hour workweek or something using the lightning network. That has taken me more time to figure out than I anticipated, however. I kept running into problems on my LN node on an old laptop. It took too long, by long I mean months, to download the entire blockchain. I also had an issue with a Windows update interfering with that download and I tried to change some things and ended up corrupting the whole file.

Then I thought, I can write a personal finance blog and share different ways of saving money. I like a lot of those personal finance blogs, but I don’t totally agree with them. You can learn all kinds of ways to save money by reading these guys and I do a lot of them and have saved a lot o satoshis. I like to save my money in bitcoin unlike my favorite personal finance blogger and early retiree, Mr. Money Mustache. He writes about how he cuts his own hair, picks up his groceries using a bicycle, and installs his own solar panels. He also got rich by throwing all this extra money into VTSASX, the Vanguard Total Stock Index, which means he owns a piece of every company in the United States.

A lot of these companies pay dividends and he makes the argument that if you can live on 4% of these stocks, you will never run out of money. He’s a smart dude. You can also get the VTSAX using the Cash App, but it will be a EFT and the fees are slightly higher. The advantage is that you can start with a dollar. Stop buying those sodas and start investing.

You can read his critique of bitcoin here:

Why Bitcoin is Stupid

Even though, I may disagree with his viewpoint, I think it is important to get a full grasp of the situation and learn the opposing arguments before making your own decision. Of course, there are other critiques of bitcoin. Some say the government will shut it down and others say it will boil the ocean. And how can you forget about the argument about the quntum-computing is going to break the encryption. Well…Then I guess we’ll go back to using paper or gold because all our credit and debit cards use encryption that will also be broken by quantum computing of these arguments come to fruition. Or we will just use some new quantum computed encryption, which is what I think will happen.

Regardless of what happens with bitcoin, I think saving money is an important idea. In my opinion, the only asset you really have is time. Do you want to spend that time driving 10-20 hours a week to work 40 hours a week at some job you hate just to give the stockholders of Mercedes Benz, or ford, or McDonald’s the ability to do whatever they want with their own time—Or do you want to buy your own freedom? I have taken extreme measure to save money now. The money I save gives me ultimate freedom.

I had also just signed a contract to become an English teacher and I was very proud of myself. I was able to show my mom that I had made it. All of that hard work, and the pills of debt that I had gotten into to get a real professional job had paid off. My wife was happy,, I was happy, everything seemed to be going great! Mr. Money Mustache even had a post on how you can retire in ten years if you just lived on half of your salary.

Being a real teacher pays 2x of what a substitute teacher makes. I could live off half of my income, get raises every year, pay off my student loans, and retire early without even changing my lifestyle at all. So I thought, this is a niftything to write about. I can write about my Financial Independence journey and I thought I might even be able to do it a little faster given the returns I’ve been getting.

I read a few personally finance books like The Simple path to Wealth, your Money or Your Life, and Early Retirement Extreme. I dd some math. With my new job, my wife and I would be able to be debt free in 2..5 years. The path was clear and I could see myself retiring within ten years. I was going to throw all that extra money at my debt and then write about it and how awesome it would be to be debt free.

Then I got a letter saying my contract had been rescinded because some bad references.

I was heart broken, but I realized that there was a deep mismatch with my personality and though process and the day to day work of being a teacher. Being a teacher goes against my nature.
I think a lot and most of my attention is focused in on my own head. I constantly do calculations or think about different ways of remembering things. I’m kind of really into my hobbies, and learning new things, but it’s really difficult or me to be interested in people.
People like to talk about sports, celebritiies, the latest TV shows, high status Gucci underwear or the news and weather. Most people prefer doing these things or looking at social media profiles of friends and family that they know to learning. It’s hard for me to teach other people that I do not understand.

Coding Is Poetry

I would rather be learning something or applying my knowledge to something. I guess that’s what I have been embarking on for most of my life. That is not such a good thing for a teacher. Teachers need to be super social and deeply interested in their students. I seem to have trouble even noticing what students are doing because I just hear 18 converstaions that I have trouble focusing on.
I’m also not very interested in the things you are supposed to teach students like Edgar Allen Poe, or even Shakespeare.

I like Shakespeare’s Sonnets more than his plays because poetry is the perfect mixture of math and words similar to cryptography or…. Computer programing.
In a sonnet, you are tasked wit writing 14 lines.

What is a sonnet? It is 14 lines
Of ten syllables each

Stressed and unstressed. Stress, unstressed, stressed, unstressed, stressed, unstressed…..

The last lines are indented..

Poetry is a lot like computer machine language

Coding has lines

Poetry has lines

Stressed and unstressed is just 010101
0101010101 by any other name is still binary.

Poetry != dead
Poetry exists inside the memory of computers.

Indentation is really important in Python. You have to indent with 4 spaces. I think, if Shakespeare were alive today, he would be coding instead of writing poetry.

So I’m not going to be a teacher and my debt payoff plan has been moved back. We have a plan to pay it off in December of 2024. I still want to reach FI, but it’s not so easy to live on half of your income as a substitute teacher.

So I am begingin a different journey. I decided to take inventory of my sills and see what would fit me better than being a teacher. I Don’t want to give any more money to schools. I just want toe learn useful things.

I started learning to code Python and I like it. Eventually, I would like to do freelance work, but I’m not quite sure how to get started with that just yet.
I also play poker and have been playing a lot of SNG’s on or sit n go tournaments on ACR I’ve been using the strategies from Collin Moshman’s book and the shove chart on heads up play from the book The Mathatics of Poker by Bill Chen and Jared Akerman.., When I was younger, I used to play 25 hours of limit hold em and SNG’s were my best game.

Bitcoin allows me to play online poker again.

My goal is to grind out a decent bankroll that will allow me to replace my income, or at least a portion of it. I would also love to freelance code on the side until I can quit the substitute teacher game.
I play microstakes Sit N Go tournaments on America’s Card Room. You can look me up on Sharkscope under the name kombuchatea.

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